Al Abbar Architectural glass 01 January 2012
The creation of the new commercial glass-division, AAG (Al Abbar Architectural Glass) was intended to detach the glass division in order to serve the construction market as an autonomous glass-processing company, answering directly on commercial enquiries, technical requirements and simulate comparative performance studies to customers in the UAE, GCC and various export markets.

The glass factory uses the most up-to-date glass-processing equipment to guarantee top quality end-products that are used extensively in curtain-walls, doors, windows, skylights, balustrades, frameless assemblies and other glass applications.

Since 2001 the company has embarked on an ambitious program for a vast and systematic expansion of the glass division showing commitment from Al Abbar to support the market in its quest for quality products.

The investment in glass-processing equipment includes for the UAE’s most sophisticated dual seal gas-filling double glazing line (2500x5000mm), the largest size tempering line (3300x8000mm), a mould-less bend & tempered line (2500x3600mm), a laminating line (2500x6000mm) and a silk-screen line (2500x3500mm), duly supported by state-of-the art CNC controlled cutting, edging and drilling lines .

To complement the above , Al Abbar did not hesitate to stretch its faith in the future, by resolutely investing in a 18 cathode high-performance coating line, producing selective single and double silver stack layers Low-E and traditional solar control glass-types.

All AAG’s manufacturing processes are governed under a strict ISO: 9001 regime, where all individual processes are tested under the stringent and relevant EN standards.

The ambition of the Al Abbar Architectural Glass is to cement its leadership in the glass industry.

Al Abbar Architectural Glass is committed to meeting client’s exact requirements, and to facilitate this the division operates its own technical advisory service where architects, consultants, designers and fabricators can find out which glass products meet the performance, aesthetic and budget criteria laid down for any given project.

  • Heat strengthened and fully tempered glass
  • Heat soak testing
  • Laminated glass
  • Insulated glass units
  • Hohg performance coated glass
  • Opaci-coated glass
  • Silk-screened glass
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